Free Purple Martin House Plans for the “Do-It-Yourselfer”

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Now has the New Oval Access Ports with Lids included

S&K is providing the following free purple martin house plans because there is such a demand for plans from purple martin landlords who want to build their own housing.  This design is not written on stone; it can be altered to suit the builder; someone might want fewer or several more floors with or without the sleeve or sleeves for raising and lowering the house.  Each of the twelve large compartments shown will have an entryway that is 6”X10” and a safely hidden from predators nesting area that is 7“ X 10”, giving plenty of room for a pair of eight-inch martins and all their growing young.  Although the foam house below shows parts sold by S&K, there are other suppliers of starling resistant holes (sreh) and access ports available on the market, but we are confident that you will find our prices more than competitive.  To help encourage the do-it-yourselfer, we will offer the following needed supplies in a kit at an even more reduced price.  The ¾” and 1 ½” – 4’X8’ sheets of foam insulation can be purchased at Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, etc.

12 oval access port & lid sets     @   1.75 each                        $21.00

12 crescent entrances       @   .99 each                          11.88  

12 door plug                     @   .99 each                          11.88

12 porches                        @   .99 each                          11.88

  1 pole sleeve                   @ 9.95 each                            9.95  (For those who wish to raise and lower the house on a 2 3/8” metal pole)

48 push fasteners             @  .10 each                              4.80  (You might prefer to use bolts, nuts, and washers)

                                           Total MSRP  $71.39

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You will also need:  Two ten-ounce caulking tubes of Lexel Glue  @ $7.50 each + s&h  from
                                2 3/8”E-Z Lift Pole System Complete         MSRP  $179.95 + Free Frieght from 
Free Shipping on all Orders Over $79.99
The all-foam house shown must be painted to protect it from UV rays of the sun.  It is also suggested that you spray paint the 
interior compartments a dark color.  Do not use round-hole entrances on the foam house because starling will be able to enter, 
and they will peck holes in the foam; there is no problem of that happening with English house sparrows or martins; although
house sparrows must be discouraged from using the house. The sides of the house (or all of the house) can be made of foam, 
wood (cedar preferably), plywood, or aluminum siding or any combination of the three (see examples at the bottom).

Tubes for rope or metal cable and 2 3/8" pole sleeve.

After gluing the floors, walls, PVC pipe, plastic sleeve, and ceiling together,

put some heavy weights on the top while you wait the three days for the Lexel glue to dry.

Once the interior floors and roof are dry, measure and cut the panels (foam or wood) for an exact fit,

only then cut the holes for and put on the crescent entrances and round access ports to the nest area, and glue

the sides to the interior floors and roof.  Paint everything, interior and exterior, and you are finished.  Congratulations!




Using cedar fencing from Home Depot for siding (before trimming).  If you use outside foam walls, you might

consider covering them with aluminum or vinyl siding.  If you live in a hot-summer area, drill several 3/8 ventilation

holes (slanted upward) above the access ports to the nesting area. 



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